Same Offer, Different Networks

This talking point ties into the previous post to some degree.

When you are doing affiliate marketing, especially in the mainstream space, you want to work with multiple ad networks. Preferably those that have your same top converting offers and here is why. A lot of offers will burn through their budgets around the half way mark of the month. This happens consistently, and it’s easily one of the most frustrating things I deal with. You have a good offer(s) that consistently convert, but you only have it for a part of the month and then you have to scramble to find something else to put in it’s place. Which is not always easy.

What I have found that will work sometimes is simply pushing the traffic to a different network for that last week or two of the month for that same offer. You then get to push an offer that you know converts, assuming results around the same (see previous post), and you do not have to waste time sending to junk that you do not know.

When it comes to offers, a lot of people make it more complicated than it needs to be. I push the same offers today I pushed 18 months ago. They simply keep converting. With one particular diet offer, I consistently lead the network pushing it. I probably could go direct and cut out the network to be honest potentially getting a better pay day. That being said, sure, I mix in some new offers and they make up 30-40% of the daily rotation, but I have a core group for different verticals that convert consistently. Finding replacements that convert consistently in the tail end of the month is not as easy.

All the same, this is a work around for a problem that I know for a fact will happen to you on a monthly basis for any good offer. Good offers will almost always burn out their monthly budgets, so plan accordingly to keep your affiliate dollars rolling in.

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