Controlling Your Own Lists

As mentioned in my previous blog post, The Power of Email Discovered (Part 2), we essentially end on an issue that should concern you as an affiliate marketer, or website owner, and that is who controls your email or members lists. Over time, this will be the pure gold that keeps you in business as you have a well of buyers to go back too time and again to sell them something else. I will pick up where I left off giving you a real world example of this.

As my previous posts have mentioned, C4S would allow you a newsletter feature or function when they had first started out. You could see the past buyers, and access those emails to send your own when you wanted. Or you could use the C4S newsletter system, and that was fine as well. However, over time they took away those privileges, and added restrictions on mailing and what would or could be in them.

* Newsletters had to be Reviewed and Approved by Staff
* You Could No Longer Link to Websites Outside of C4S
* You Could No Longer Access Past Patrons Email

For some, you’re probably thinking, “Big deal, who cares. Money flowing like wine. You can still send out newsletters so it doesn’t matter.” Well, actually that is a huge problem. While you can still send out a newsletter on your store, you could no longer link to your main pay site without a link back to C4S. Additionally, the bigger problem was, that you could no longer access your past patrons emails.

Why is this a problem?

Well let’s say that you launch a new pay site and you feel that some of your patrons would like this content because it’s yours. The only way you would be able to send an email to them, via C4S, would be if you opened up a new clip store, with that content, and developed a new list from scratch. While this is very do-able, this is the long way of launching a websites when you have 1000 previous patrons who seem to like your content where you could just send out an email blast announcing the new site, offering a discount membership option, and launching out of the gates both barrels blazing.

As you can see, that is where you start to run into trouble. They bought your clips. You feel they are your patrons and you should be able to mail to them any time you want, about anything you want, related to your clips, pay sites, models, or alike. However, that is not an option as they control the lists.

This is but one example I am going to touch on for this blog post, but I can give you additional examples over time in the future. It is something you need to think about regardless of whether you run a clip store, blog, pay site, or even as an affiliate whether adult or mainstream. You want to be able to go back to that well time and time again, and you need to have access to those members, data, and email. If you do not, you will want to change that immediately.

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