Promote Your Own Product

For some reason, a lot of affiliate marketers do not bother to dabble in delivering their own product. I am not sure if it’s the cost involved and that they make it much bigger than it actually is, or a simple dodge of any kind of responsibility. Whatever the reason, once you have a system in place, you should take a simple product of your own and try and market it. Track everything, and see what you learn from it.

One thing to keep in mind here is, it does not need to be something grand. You could do a simple ebook as an example. We see them all over the web, you can either purchase one with resale rights, or you could do your own. What I have found is, the hardest part is working out the landing page. But that is for a different discussion.

I have done this experiment with a few local girls who had a tangible product to sell. One was selling foot jewelry and another stripper shoes. I have also done a few different ebooks as experiments. Each one had a different level of interest, success, or failures in learning how best to target those products to their buyer base. The fulfillment of orders was easy enough. If you can find something that will sell, the next step is to see if you can scale it.

Do not think of this lightly, as there can be a lot of work involved depending on which avenue you go. But keep this in mind, once you have developed your traffic trading network, your ads rotating through 100 blogs, or your email list of 200k, the hard part is done. You have people you can now try and sell additional products and services too. If you have something that can strike a cord with those eyeballs, you can turn a pretty penny.

I would recommend you start with something small and inexpensive. From there, tinker with it and the landing pages. See if you peek and interest. Track your click throughs and those that hit the buy page. Internet marketing at times can be a lot of work, and you spend the bulk of your time testing creatives, subject lines, offers, and trying to get something that works. Once that part is done, I find the rest to be a cakewalk. homework help online has adopted the 100% Satisfaction policy, where we guarantee you top quality and 100% plagiarism free academic content, or 100% money back guarantee.

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