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Following up my previous post on this subject and when I realized what a good newsletter can do for sales, is what you would include in your newsletters to get the best results. You do not want to get them too busy, but you want to hit the bullet points and drive that traffic where you want it to go. While there are many different forums for this discussion, I am going to stick to the Clips4Sale for the time being to continue on the previous theme. Keep in mind, it’s not always like this, that being said let’s continue.

Clips4Sale has changed the rules for their newsletters, but when I was starting out and had realized this power, I started to do a lot of experimenting. That was not only for advertising my other websites where you could find all of the content, but the sister websites that were the same niche or theme. Sometimes I would re-run content on a new store and drive those eyeballs to a niche traffic websites like a tube or blog, in short, somewhere I was trying to grow some niche traffic. All of this worked to varying degrees.

Another thing that took a lot of tinkering was how best to do the descriptions, and images to get the maximum “teaser” effect to get the click through. I would try short summaries, long summaries of the various scenes. I would put multiple clips (new, most popular) and things like that. I would include 1 pay site, 4 pay sites for the ‘network’ or advertise a network pass. Sometimes even offer up custom videos. Anything that would keep them engages and driving traffic bouncing around my sites.

All of these things worked to accomplish what I wanted with some more successful than others. Over time, C4S changed some of their rules, and others were abusing the email. I am not sure if they had gotten into some sort of spam trouble or what but everything had to be manually reviewed, and approved, before it would go out. You had to link back, among other changes that were probably made for some reason not fully explained, but leads me to my next blog post.

Who should control those lists…

The Power of Email Discovered (Part 1)

I first noticed the power of email, and updates, to my members probably early 2000’s now.

When I had first started my Clips4Sale stores way back when (my first store was 1XXX if that gives you any idea) they offered an option for me to mail all of my past buyers for clips. At first I did not use this feature more than maybe once a month. I thought, as many adult webmasters do, that I do not want to “bother my members” so I did not use this valuable resource to it’s full potential. Once I started doing it, that changed my perspective.

Now, one thing to keep in mind here is, I think it can be abused. For example, if you update every single day. I am not sure that your members, even the die hard guys, want to be emailed every single day. I have a few clip stores that I have bought clips from in the past that mail bomb me literally all of the time about every little thing the do, including upcoming shoots and models. For me, that is excessive. When I was updating with new content every single day, I would send out a newsletter once ever two days and that seemed to be a decent balance. Or I would alternate between stores to be able to send out email every day, but different stores and niches to keep from slamming the same buyers day in and day out. Feedback from some patrons however said they preferred once a week on a Friday, but to each their own.

Moving along to the more important part, sales. When I would send out the newsletters for new updates, I would notice that I would get at minimum double the sales for that day and sometimes as high as 5-10 times not sending one. I also found some other concepts that helped drive sales, but I will talk about those in a later blog post. Staying on track, when I would send out those newsletters traffic and sales would increase even for less attractive girls. Often times people would even buy older clips versus the new, which I always found interesting. I guess it was pay day?

Newsletters are a great way to keep you engaged, especially if you are doing a lot of updates or on a delivery platform such as a C4S where you are literally competing against tens of thousands of other stores. You need to do everything you can to keep your patrons interested in your wares without abusing it.

Back 2 Business – Advantages of Running a Clip Store

1. Added exposure to a market segment you may not have targeted before of willing buyers.
2. Potential to make much more per buyer than you would on a recurring pay site membership.
3. Drive traffic to your pay site or network.
4. Build your newsletter mailing list.
5. Another inbound link.

1. It obviously takes some level of more work to run another site.
2. Your content is downloaded versus streaming.
3. You get a 60% revshare (with clips4sale) versus whatever you would get doing it on your own with PhantomFrog’s cart deal. However, you have to consider all costs in and what that extra 40% truly comes to in the end with hosting + processing.
4. You have to link back to C4S on your main site if you want to link out to it from your store. You cannot include your network of sites in newsletters unless they all link back to C4S. Ultimately C4S has the last say in what goes out in a newsletter or not.
5. You do not control your membership list of past buyers. By that I mean, you can email them, but you never get their full email or details so you could email them without C4S permission or oversight.

While I talk mainly in regards to Clips4Sale (whom I’ve been using since early 2000’s), I have tried many of the others and most of them just did not perform as well, at least for me. I have heard that does work well for mainstream, non-fetish, porn content however, I have not tested it along those lines as I prefer fetish and niche material.

Although sales are considerably less, and the competition more fierce in the 2013 universe, I still believe clip stores add value to those looking to build out their network, assuming of course they do not mind their buyers downloading versus a streaming option.

You have to look at clip stores on how much money you make PER USER versus the membership model. Often times you will find that you make much more on individual users than you would on a pay site over the course of a month. Some buyers will purchase multiple clips at $5-10.00 each, versus paying $14.95/month or whatever their recurring discounted memberships are.

Adult Business 303: Invaluable Descriptions


These tips and suggestions really apply to ALL sites in general. However, you are going to have some additional quirks and variations with each site and how is best to use these things to your advantage.

I would recommend you get an AdWords account if you do not have one already. Not only will this become invaluable over time for other projects, but it has some tools that are helpful for you with domain names, and SEO. Specifically, the keyword tool.

When you are writing descriptions, you have to think of the long term benefits literally. Some of the things you do today will effect you next month, three months from now and so on. Google will use these things for ranking your site and the search engine SERPS so it is best to do it right out of the gate. You will end up, or should, start a spreadsheet that has all the descriptions for your content.

For me, I have an excel spread sheet that shows clip name (ToeHee001_DV), description, models in scene, and so on. I had one of my assistants do it for me. It took her a couple of weeks to go through them all. This really is helpful when you go to launch a pay site later, or re-use clips for other clip stores. Then you can just cut and paste.

Getting back to what I was saying about keywords in your descriptions. You want to make sure when you are writing out your descriptions, each one is written out like you are trying to entice members to whip it out and go to work off your description. That includes using good keywords for your niche. If you do not know the niche, research it.

I know what they are for mine, and I will use them not only in my descriptions for each scene and try and mention them, or different ways (foot worship, toe sucking, foot licking, etc..) I will use them in blogs, youtube, and other things as well. I will make sure that over time I start ranking for those keywords.

If you are in a niche you do not know go to Google. Start researching some of the better sites in a niche. Use “View Source” and view their meta tags. Go back to your Google Adwords and type those phrases and keywords in to see how many searches they get per month. Over time, you start narrowing in on key words and phrases that are the ‘hot ones’ for your niche. You want to try and work those ‘hot words’ into your description when you can. Do not force it. If you are writing out quality descriptions, you will get them in over time.

Remember, when you are doing keywords and descriptions. These are long tail SEO and SERP tactics that will help you with algorhythms later. The number of times they keywords and phrases repeat on your website, in your descritpions, in your title tags, and so on.

They are not going to work SERPS by themselve, but they will give you a good solid first step.

Adult Business 302: Clip Stores, Maximizing Exposure


Clip stores, and how you do the updates and get the traffic has changed over the years. Some of the store providers have had to change things because of the manipulations some people would do that have a very limited content supply, but were trying to capitalize or “game” the system. I will not get into those safe guards at this point, and their work around. I am going to cover the best way to maximize your content initially through your updates.

First thing to remember is to watermark. I covered this in detail the rationale behind it in my domains guide, and you can see why this is important. Not only on the domain piece, but long and short term traffic management. The next step is how to do your updates, and make the most of them. I am going to talk in this guide about you as a new content producer, or provider, and how you would be posting up your NEW or 1st release clips to the public. I do it a bit different when I am re-running content, or working the traffic and pay site angle. But we’ll get into that a bit later.


What you want to do first would be to open TWO clip stores. One will be for your FULL LENGTH clips that you are releasing, and the other would be for the cut up clips. You do not need to do anything fancy with the name of the store. You can use this opportunity to test out another good keyword domain name type. For example, I may have something like this for my first store…


and then for the sectional, or second store,


This gives me two ways to market the clips. One being my main “brand” as it were, and the other using keywords and a more ‘titillating’ type of title to catch some additional eyeballs. If you had some secondary domains in mind, or your niche is broken into some sub niches. This may be a good way to try them out. You can always change them later if you like. Also keep in mind, you can do the same thing with the domain pointer later.

Alright, so now you have your two stores set up. The first one will be where you are going to post your 1st release full length clips. This is what most people are going to associate with you. So you will use this as your main newsletter, and also to push your pay site when you launch it later. In my case personally, the Barefootsies was my main flagship clip store and site.

Do not worry about people being able to find your secondary stores. They have a drop down on the main page of your store, and you can always prompt people via your newsletter, and banners or links later if you feel it is that important.


Most of my clips ‘average’ around 9 minutes. Some are going to be longer, some shorter, but overall I am really looking at 9 minute clips for the most part. I shoot my video, and run my shoots this way specifically because I am going to cut my clips this way. Which is why planning HOW you do your shoots, or scenes, really becomes important down the line and takes planning. I also shoot in a way I do not have to do a lot of editing. But that is another discussion.

I typically will do my full length clip, and then I cut the video into three sections. So we’ll say that each of the smaller clips are 3 minutes each for example. I will post those smaller clips on the secondary store.

In the past, I would process my videos in Adobe Premiere, but have since moved to Sorenson Squeeze. I still think Adobe is better quality, but Sorenson allows you to do many things so much faster and in bulk. I do this more on the re-run content then 1st release so I can process 12 clips at once overnight. Versus one at a time. I process the FULL LENGTH in Sorenson, then I watermark them in VideoCharge and then I also cut them in VideoCharge. One thing I love about this process is that it can cut the clips without re-rendering. Making it super fast. But that is more a chapter we will cover on processing, how’s, why’s and what is better. Let’s stick to how you manage the clip store.


Some people will use multiple formats to get extra “bites at the apple”. It realy is just a way to game the system more than anything. If you are offering it in WMV, you really do not need to offer a Quicktime, AVI, or other versions. I personally feel it clouds or muddies up the main page of your store and buyers catch on that out of the 20 clips per page. Really you only have 7. The rest are repeats.

You can actually do this very simple in Sorenson to process in multple formats, and dimensions if you wanted to. So each clip can be processed in many different ways, or one, depending on your preference for it. Obviously, each new complexity will add to processing time for your clips.

There are ways, using the numbering system, to get the ‘pop’ without muddying up the page. But that is something that can be covered if this is something of interest to you. I personally do not like this method myself. Same as people releasing a 320x version, and then a 640x and a 1200x and so on. It simply muddies the water over time. However, those with limited content seem to like doing this method and filling up their store playing this game.

I do not think it nessesarily drives sales to the store, but it can be useful for driving traffic to your pay site and working that angle. But that is another topic for when you get into re-running content, and using a clip store as a traffic source more than pushing sales and working feedback on prefecting your craft.


So now you are going to upload your clips. You upload your full length to your full length store, and your pieces to the second store. Also you upload your preview image if you plan on doing one yourself, like I do. Or you can use the one they provide. I do not like it. But that is your call. I personally will make screen shots with the FrameShots (discussed in other guide) and then edit in Photoshop a 6 scene deal.

So let’s say you are doing it like I do for convienence sake.

You schedule your first clip to post. I typically will do this after 3P for the day, eastern standard. That is when I find sales spike because people are coming home and ready to jerk off. So let’s say I do 5P for the full length. I will then go into my secondary store and schedule Part 1 for 7P, Part 2 for 9 P, and so on. This way I “pop” on the main page of the site for those times, and also to the top of the list for updated stores. Getting multipe bites at the apple.

I will also manipulate the catagories discussed in the last guide. So let’s say on the FULL LENGTH I will use FOOT WORSHIP, but on the secondary clips I might use FOOT FETISH. This allows me to “pop” on multiple search catagories. When I do re-run stores, I may pick a differnt catagory for each piece. So if there are three pieces, I might pick TICKLING/FOOT/LESBIAN or some variant.

Sometimes these little things will expose you to an audience you normally would not get, and will boost up your sales. Until you know how to market, and drive some additional traffic to your store. You need to do these little tricks to drive the BUYING c4s, or whatever, traffic to your store. If you only posted on full length clip. You get ONE bite at the apple for your one catagory, and your one time slot for the day.

Doing it MY WAY you get multiple catagories, and days to “pop” to the top during peak business or traffic hours. You see the advantage ;).


Whenever you do an update, even if you only have 10 email subscribers you should send out a newsletter. For everyone who buys your clips, they are automatically put on your mailing list for the clip store unless they manually remove themselves, or uncheck the box.

Newsletters, over time and especially when you have more sites to promote, are invaluable. When you send them out you will drive a traffic spike to your site. When you launch pay sites, promotions, or other things over time. They will keep your buying public, and patrons in the loop and also allow them to communicate with you.

One thing I do not like is that the newsletters are all split up. Myself I am working on a centralized list I can put on ALL of my sites and stores and that will help me long term keep the same customer base moving with me no matter what sites I open, close, sell off. Over time the lists get to be quite large and really become a valuable asset.

Do not concern yourself with those who complaint about not wanting to be on them. They have a link at the bottom of the e-mail for them to remove themselves, or you can do in manually. This is about business. They are buying your goodies, and you have to keep them in the loop. Even the best stores are not going to keep people searching for them, and when they update. YOU need to do that, and keep tempting them with new girls and content.

I always include a link to the 6 screen shot picture of the new scene. Plus the description. I also include brief descriptions to my other sites ,and direct links as well as promotions. I include where they can send me e-mail and ideas, and it really take some time and tinkering to get something that works. I send out 75% of the newsletter over and over again just switching out the new update. So that I get as many bites at a sale as possible.


Doing the pop top game will get you some traffic directly from Clips4Sale and their main page. These people are COMING to buy. So they are the best customers and traffic to have. Over time, you will need to drive some other traffic to your store until you have a pay site, or centralized network or hub to drive your volume to.

You can drive traffic to your site through a number of different things. We will cover some of it more in detail in the traffic chapters, so I will briefly touch on them now.

TGP Submits
Image Hosting
Fan/Forum Sig Links
YouTube/Tube Sites
Link Exchanges
Yahoo Groups
SEO Blogs
Mini Fan Sites
Link Bait Network

Hopefully seeing these different pieces of the puzzle are now starting to give you some ideas. From the way you shoot ties into the way you cut clips, to the way you promote, to the way you schedule, and getting the maximium out of your efforts the first time. This will save your time and frustation over the long run, and make the most off of your efforts. No one wants to be working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am basically taking my school of hard knocks, and years of trial and error to show you the most effiencent way to do things which in the end will make you more profitable.

Adult Business 301: Clip Stores, The Set Up


This is probably going to be one of the most in demand, and purchased modules in my package. I field endless questions on clip stores almost every month, and definitely at every adult industry conference I go to. I probably should do a Sin2.0 Interview on that subject on of these days to help out many people. That said, let’s get to work.

First things first… I typically spend 95% of my time on CLIPS4SALE stores. They are the most profitable for my niche, and myself, and over time simply have worked best for me. If you do a more mainstream or hardcore niche. I hear some of the others are better for sales. That is something you can find out yourself over time. I am going to cover C4S store and my experience. Although this method has worked on some of the others.

Here are the list of other clip store providers out there.

Those are the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of others that slip my mind, probably with good reason. You are more than welcome to update your clips to ALL of them, as it would probably be advantageous to branding and getting some more links to your sites. However, for me personally, I am at a point where I can be a little more picky and choosy with my time since I can work SEO and SERPS.

It is important for you to keep in mind, typically you are going to be doing a start up on something like this and really should be taking advantage of every opportunity you have. Whether working ALL clip stores, or whatever it may be. You need to put in the work to get started, and most of it really does not take that much time. You can do uploads while you sleep, or at your main 9-5 job. The descriptions and update piece takes you a few minutes of actual work time.

Alright, that said, we are moving on. When setting up a CLIPS4SALE store, I actually prefer the old admin area. It is much simpler for me to do my set up in. I can simply do it much faster than in the new. I also do not use most of the new tools they have rolled out in their new admin. It is not to say I have not tried them. I simply did not like them, and it did not make a difference in sales for me. So I stopped using them.


A Clip Store for any of the providers does not cost you money to set up. It is free. They provide you the web based administration, and handle the billing for you. The percentages they take will vary. C4S will do a 60/40 split as well FetishVideos. However, some of the others are going to be eihter 50/50 or less. Some people look at this as simply extra money or “money left on the table” so even if you only get 25% that is something. I personally do not think this way, and prefer to make the most money off of my goodies.

OLD ADMIN (preferred by me, but new admin is very similar)

First thing you need to do is EDIT PROFILE. This is where you are going to be entering in your 2257 or business address (covered in the first guide) and your business banking information. You will also decide if you want a CHECK, or WIRE and the dollar amount. In the new administration, you can also opt for an ACH payment as well.

One important note in regards to the administration set up. As you open up more stores in the future, you will want them all linked. Not just on the main page, but your payout for one combined payout. You MUST make sure that all of your information matches in the admin or PROFILE. Otherwise, you will get multiple payments, and could be charged the $15 wire fee multiple times for example. Or not paid on a store if you do not meet the minimum payout.


This is the next step you will do. This is where you are going to pick the colors for your store, and include any HTML, keywords, and top or bottom banners.

If you are planning to do a pay site later, or this is your one and only site, you will want to use the domain name (covered in previous chapter). If you are doing some re-run stores for traffic manipulations, then you would want to pick a more creative name to target those customers.

In the grand scheme of things, not all that important. It only will show up on one area of the site. However, you still should fill it in with a decent description for those to see.

For the keywords, I honestly do not think that is makes that big a difference in the overall scheme of things. I have not found anything on search engines because of them, nor have I seen it help you short or long term. What DOES make a difference in the catagories you pick. Not only on the initial set up, but when you post a clip. You CAN post in catagories that your store is not in. For example, I can opt to post a clip in LESBIAN even thought my clips are essentially G/G fully clothed foot worship, or tickling. There is nothing to prevent you from doing that. Although it may not be advantagous if you have a limited clip supply.

That is your own flavor. I typically prefer to use more popular or common colors. Blue background with yellow links, and red for visited. But you can get as creative as you like on whatever you pick. To preview your store as you are going along…. right click home, open in another window, and them click on the store link on the right hand side about half the way down the page. Then you can hit refresh as you are playing with color schemes and see what it looks like.

This is where you are going to be putting in any banners to your main pay site, other sites or stores, links to your email or DVD store. Basically things that you want to have on the top or bottom or your store. Some people get absolutely insane with this stuff. For me, I prefer to have my stores looking nice and clean. I have a handful of banners to other main sites I want to promote, and maybe an e-mail link for people to send me ideas, and suggestions for content.

How you prefer to do that is up to you.

This is where you are going to pick your main store’s catagory or niche. This is important on WHERE you come up in the search results if someone should search only for stores in a particular niche. However, with the new search function C4S has installed in the past 6 months (from time of this guide) that really is minimized on the main page, and results are more defined by how you set up the individual clip catagories when posting.

That said, you would still want to research which is the most popular. For example, I would pick FOOT WORSHIP or TICKLING for my stores. Although there are a TON of other main niches to choose from. FOOT FETISH, TIED TICKLING, STOCKING, and so on. I want the biggest audience, and while my material could fit into some of those subniches, and die hard buyers. I am looking for the most bites at the apple.

It someone is looking in FOOT FETISH or FOOT WORSHIP. They are going to look there FIRST before going into the sub niches. If they already have dick in hand and ready to buy. The odds of them making it into the sub niches are going to be a long shot. They will probably find something to fill their need before they get to that micro niche.

I sort my clips by a display order number. Which I can more easily manipulate them a post date. All clip stores start at 5000. So the first clip would be 4999, next 4998, and so on. You can always move a top selling clip back to the front page, or pull old clips to add variety if you need to. Which is why I prefer to do it this way. You should use that sparingly, but it is more important when you are just getting started as a crutch then it would be to me at my stage. It still is useful though.

You also would want to check the ASCENDING box. So the lowest number, which is the newest clip, would be at the top of your store when you do your update.

Ok. Now your new store is set up and ready to go. At least for the basics needed. You can always log into the new admin, and screw around with the other tools and offerings later. I personally do not find most of them advantagous, but that’s me. I am going to cover adding in clips, and the importants of descriptions among other things in the next guide(s) because there are some fundamental basics that you need to pay attention to that will ultimately effect your SEO and SERPS long term down the road.

You need to understand the how’s and why’s of the things you do. Short and long term as these things will ultimately play into your success or failure.

Newbies: Guaranteed R.O.I.

A lot of people are looking to get into the online game in general or the adult market. Some have money, some do not and simple want to know how and where to get started. More importantly, they want a ROI (return on investment), understandably so. Some want a ROI in what is, frankly, unrealistic time line and dollars.

I am going to give a quick crash course on what these folks should be considering for their start up, and learning to make money with the absolute best chance of getting a return on their investment in the shortest time period.


Which is more than you can say for building tube sites, tgps, and many other business models and sites out there that take a lot of start up money for scripts and designs, or traffic. Especially if you have no skills, or training. This method can be accomplished in an hour a day. It will not make you a millionaire by any means. But you will make money, and learn along the way.

The Process:

1. Buy some bulk content. Preferably niche of some kind, and not overly saturated. Prices and bulk vary.

You want something similar to this type of deal… 500 Scene Content Library $1000.00. You can find some other deals around for 100 here, 250 there, sometimes up to 1000. But you have to try and find some content in bulk, with decent variety in models.

2. You can update with ONE SCENE per day if you like, or more if you are feeling frisky. You will cut this into more than one.

You would do your updates during peak clip store days and times. Keep in mind there are more than one clip store provider out there. Most of the actual ‘work’ (if you call it that)…. compression and uploading… you can do while you sleep or at your day job. Leaving you to type in a good description for each clip and day, and schedule the updates. Even if you hunt and peck, this should take you no more than an hour a day.

3. While this method will drive you some good buying or converting buyers for sales. You will also want to drive some additional sales to your store.

You can do this easily enough using link lists (free), tgp submits ($29.95 a mo. Chameleon Submitter), blogs (free), and an image host (free) in combination with those. I would also use some landing pages, and forum posts (free) if you are ambitious. Again, this should not take you more than an hour a day if that. You can also accomplish this on a low cost virtual host.

4. Over time you can always add in a pay site later when you can afford a decent script and design.

This will make you additional revenues on top of your clip stores. So you start making your ROI back even faster. However, this will probably require you to upgrade your hosting plan to compensate for the video and bandwidth. Depending on the material, you may needed to go dedicated. Which can run you $99-300.00 a month. Depending if you want managed or not.

Now why is a clip store the most bang for your buck and best ROI for a newbie starting out? Well I will use my content offer as an example, simply for convenience (however you can plug in any deal out on the boards).

Clips4Sale stores price out the clips (accurately) according to the length of time (others can very, especially So let’s do the math… 500 scenes for $1000.00. That is around $2.00 per clip. Most clips run 3-12 minutes.

So a 12 minute clip, one sold, will actually bring in $12.99 for that ONE scene sold ONE time. Now clips4sale is a 60/40 split. So you are going to get the 60% on that sale. $7.79. From your first sold clip, you are already in the black.

Now, do you think you are going to sell more that ONE of any scene? Of course you are! So you will be in the black more a less out of the gate per scene, and profit.

Will all scenes sell immediately? No. However, you will sell a lot more of some, and few of others. Basically, it will be a numbers game. You have so much content, and can update so easily that you can easily make money over your cost for content.

But what about when you content runs out you ask? Well, you can reuse it. So that is even MORE return on your initial investment. This is the easiest way for a newbie to get started, dabble in traffic, and converting sales to get going.

Are there some things that will make it even easier? Sure. I cover those in one of my guides. However, if you have read the forums, or ask around plus what I have already mentioned. You should be able to put together some ideas.

Keep in mind this last piece. Your content must allow for clips store use, and you must have valid 2257 and a license. If someone reports your content as stolen, your store will be closed and you will lose all revenue unless you can prove your are an owner/licensed. A lot of content providers, myself included, are ruthless when it comes to sending out DMCA’s and enforcing copyright.

Lastly, some content providers will give you short descriptions of scenes. Most do not. Make sure you make up your OWN ORIGINAL descriptions. You do not want to risk getting dinged by Google for duplicate content.

Good luck!

Starting Out in the Biz

When I started my adult business full time. I launched all my sites via Clips4Sale. It allowed me to make some sales, test the waters, and get some good feedback while building up my content for a pay site.

Each site was a bit different on when I launched but it took me roughly around 3 months to get about 6 months of material to launch my pay site, put together some DVD’s. Some sites were launched in 3 months. Some longer. Some shorter. Just depends on how much I shoot, and how many updates I want per week.

So I started out with $3000.00. Bought $500.00 camcorder. Business partner had still camera, and half million dollar house, so we were off. We paid the girls too much at first, and did not know how to best streamline production. We do not shoot on a per scene basis like most of porn. We pay per SHOOT. So we get a number of scenes per SHOOT to maximize revenue, and margins.

Over 9 months we had tinkered with the type of girls, what we shot, how we shot, listened to the feedback, tried different update days and ways of updating until we found our groove. Around the 9 month mark things took off, and we started shooting our stocking project.

We followed the same exact formula as before. First working the C4S connection. We started a new store, and cross linked it. We promoted it on TGP submits. Over the next few months we would make our money back while getting enough content to launch a new pay site. One we did, BAM, sign ups.

Within a couple of months we moved on to tickling. It was something we had received a ton of e-mails on, and apparently few catered to it. We kind of stumbled into it by accident, and started doing… basically what the e-mails told us. Over a few months we build up enough content to launch a site, BAM took off. Even on DVD sales. Which I have to admit was surprising.

Clips4Sale has done some evolution over time. It was mainly a place for fetish and niche webmasters and content producers to sell their wares without building a website. You could just use their interface, and CMS. Their processor, and over time, Neil (the owner) built up some nice traffic. Doing the Howard Stern show, and some other things to make it into the mammoth it is today.

The site now offers a section for selling DVD’s, pictures from your galleries, webcam, and number of other features to help you make some sales via automation among other things. It probably takes some time for a newbie to learn these things, but over time you get the hang of the automation I suppose.

Now, all that said. A lot of store owners rely on the POP of updates for their traffic. They do not have a lot of content, but they are always trying to get that POP. The front page of C4S was changed a few months back and now that is not going to be as beneficial as it was before. I recommend you build your OWN traffic.

For me, I include C4S option on all my sites. I link to it heavily, and even on TGP submits. I have always done this. While Neil’s traffic, and the POP is nice. I do not count on it for my sales. So just a head’s up for those who do not like link building, traffic trading, and the rest.

Other clips stores vary. I am not going to go into my experience with all of them but I encourage you to try them out. It is just more money for your content. The percentage for payouts will differ as well as traffic, admin panels, and offerings. Some more. Some less.

The same can be said for their percentages of money they take from producers. C4S is a 60/40 split. Some are 50/50, some stacked even more to the clip store. Some offer an affiliate program to supposedly boost you up to 70% :rolleyes:. Each has their niches, and grooves.

For a long time Clips4Sale was catering to only the mom and pops. Small and medium market fetish and niche providers. Over the past couple of years it has exploded into something like 20,000 or 30,000 stores!! My store number is 1353/2305/2917/2865/4057 and so on… As you can see I started YEARS ago to give you some idea.

At the conferences, I have talked to any number of programs and people. Some use C4S. Some do not think it is worth their time. Personally I find it an invaluable resource. But, as always in online business and adult, a lot of the success or failure comes down to YOU.