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Where to Find Good Programmers?

It seems at least once a month if not more I get asked for a referral for a decent programmer or designer. The reasons vary as to why people are looking for a referral, but I feel their pain. I have been there myself, and went through many supposedly good programmers just to be let down, or they disappear with thousands of dollars. However, on the bright side eventually I found a few good one’s I am happy to recommend from time to time.

Vlad (
I have worked with Vlad at least 5 years plus at the time of this posting. I have had him do everything from small html modifications, to full blow applications and content management systems for a couple of sites. His level of details is very good, and what he delivers is a consumer grade product compared to most others. His attention to details can sometimes have your project run behind, but you are going to be happy with the results. If he thinks something can work better, he will offer you up advice along the way. His prices are fair and he is highly recommended.

Konrad (
When I first started working with Konrad he was a one man show with his MechBunny script. Now he has a team of developers, which allows him to take on more work. Their prices are fair, and the turn around times quick. I have had Konrad help me with full content management systems from scratch, or bending and twisting MechBunny to fit my needs. They can handle most projects big and small. Highly recommended.

Andy (
For a long time, Andy was my go-to guy. He could bang out programming in half the time of others, and it was typically better code. Despite being higher cost per hour, he simply was more efficient so it did not matter as the costs would be the same or less. Unfortunately, Andy took a job at an ISP where that became his full job and he freelanced on the side. Meaning, he took on less programming projects and would be booked 1-6 months in advance. While I still highly recommend him, his time is limited.

While there are some others I have worked with, I may add them in a later post. These are the top 3 of people I have given a lot of repeat business because I was happy with the experience, code, and delivered product. I would highly recommend you start here when looking for a good programmer, at least within adult, as these guys are 100%.