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Adult Business 303: Invaluable Descriptions


These tips and suggestions really apply to ALL sites in general. However, you are going to have some additional quirks and variations with each site and how is best to use these things to your advantage.

I would recommend you get an AdWords account if you do not have one already. Not only will this become invaluable over time for other projects, but it has some tools that are helpful for you with domain names, and SEO. Specifically, the keyword tool.

When you are writing descriptions, you have to think of the long term benefits literally. Some of the things you do today will effect you next month, three months from now and so on. Google will use these things for ranking your site and the search engine SERPS so it is best to do it right out of the gate. You will end up, or should, start a spreadsheet that has all the descriptions for your content.

For me, I have an excel spread sheet that shows clip name (ToeHee001_DV), description, models in scene, and so on. I had one of my assistants do it for me. It took her a couple of weeks to go through them all. This really is helpful when you go to launch a pay site later, or re-use clips for other clip stores. Then you can just cut and paste.

Getting back to what I was saying about keywords in your descriptions. You want to make sure when you are writing out your descriptions, each one is written out like you are trying to entice members to whip it out and go to work off your description. That includes using good keywords for your niche. If you do not know the niche, research it.

I know what they are for mine, and I will use them not only in my descriptions for each scene and try and mention them, or different ways (foot worship, toe sucking, foot licking, etc..) I will use them in blogs, youtube, and other things as well. I will make sure that over time I start ranking for those keywords.

If you are in a niche you do not know go to Google. Start researching some of the better sites in a niche. Use “View Source” and view their meta tags. Go back to your Google Adwords and type those phrases and keywords in to see how many searches they get per month. Over time, you start narrowing in on key words and phrases that are the ‘hot ones’ for your niche. You want to try and work those ‘hot words’ into your description when you can. Do not force it. If you are writing out quality descriptions, you will get them in over time.

Remember, when you are doing keywords and descriptions. These are long tail SEO and SERP tactics that will help you with algorhythms later. The number of times they keywords and phrases repeat on your website, in your descritpions, in your title tags, and so on.

They are not going to work SERPS by themselve, but they will give you a good solid first step.