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Adult Business 302: Clip Stores, Maximizing Exposure


Clip stores, and how you do the updates and get the traffic has changed over the years. Some of the store providers have had to change things because of the manipulations some people would do that have a very limited content supply, but were trying to capitalize or “game” the system. I will not get into those safe guards at this point, and their work around. I am going to cover the best way to maximize your content initially through your updates.

First thing to remember is to watermark. I covered this in detail the rationale behind it in my domains guide, and you can see why this is important. Not only on the domain piece, but long and short term traffic management. The next step is how to do your updates, and make the most of them. I am going to talk in this guide about you as a new content producer, or provider, and how you would be posting up your NEW or 1st release clips to the public. I do it a bit different when I am re-running content, or working the traffic and pay site angle. But we’ll get into that a bit later.


What you want to do first would be to open TWO clip stores. One will be for your FULL LENGTH clips that you are releasing, and the other would be for the cut up clips. You do not need to do anything fancy with the name of the store. You can use this opportunity to test out another good keyword domain name type. For example, I may have something like this for my first store…


and then for the sectional, or second store,


This gives me two ways to market the clips. One being my main “brand” as it were, and the other using keywords and a more ‘titillating’ type of title to catch some additional eyeballs. If you had some secondary domains in mind, or your niche is broken into some sub niches. This may be a good way to try them out. You can always change them later if you like. Also keep in mind, you can do the same thing with the domain pointer later.

Alright, so now you have your two stores set up. The first one will be where you are going to post your 1st release full length clips. This is what most people are going to associate with you. So you will use this as your main newsletter, and also to push your pay site when you launch it later. In my case personally, the Barefootsies was my main flagship clip store and site.

Do not worry about people being able to find your secondary stores. They have a drop down on the main page of your store, and you can always prompt people via your newsletter, and banners or links later if you feel it is that important.


Most of my clips ‘average’ around 9 minutes. Some are going to be longer, some shorter, but overall I am really looking at 9 minute clips for the most part. I shoot my video, and run my shoots this way specifically because I am going to cut my clips this way. Which is why planning HOW you do your shoots, or scenes, really becomes important down the line and takes planning. I also shoot in a way I do not have to do a lot of editing. But that is another discussion.

I typically will do my full length clip, and then I cut the video into three sections. So we’ll say that each of the smaller clips are 3 minutes each for example. I will post those smaller clips on the secondary store.

In the past, I would process my videos in Adobe Premiere, but have since moved to Sorenson Squeeze. I still think Adobe is better quality, but Sorenson allows you to do many things so much faster and in bulk. I do this more on the re-run content then 1st release so I can process 12 clips at once overnight. Versus one at a time. I process the FULL LENGTH in Sorenson, then I watermark them in VideoCharge and then I also cut them in VideoCharge. One thing I love about this process is that it can cut the clips without re-rendering. Making it super fast. But that is more a chapter we will cover on processing, how’s, why’s and what is better. Let’s stick to how you manage the clip store.


Some people will use multiple formats to get extra “bites at the apple”. It realy is just a way to game the system more than anything. If you are offering it in WMV, you really do not need to offer a Quicktime, AVI, or other versions. I personally feel it clouds or muddies up the main page of your store and buyers catch on that out of the 20 clips per page. Really you only have 7. The rest are repeats.

You can actually do this very simple in Sorenson to process in multple formats, and dimensions if you wanted to. So each clip can be processed in many different ways, or one, depending on your preference for it. Obviously, each new complexity will add to processing time for your clips.

There are ways, using the numbering system, to get the ‘pop’ without muddying up the page. But that is something that can be covered if this is something of interest to you. I personally do not like this method myself. Same as people releasing a 320x version, and then a 640x and a 1200x and so on. It simply muddies the water over time. However, those with limited content seem to like doing this method and filling up their store playing this game.

I do not think it nessesarily drives sales to the store, but it can be useful for driving traffic to your pay site and working that angle. But that is another topic for when you get into re-running content, and using a clip store as a traffic source more than pushing sales and working feedback on prefecting your craft.


So now you are going to upload your clips. You upload your full length to your full length store, and your pieces to the second store. Also you upload your preview image if you plan on doing one yourself, like I do. Or you can use the one they provide. I do not like it. But that is your call. I personally will make screen shots with the FrameShots (discussed in other guide) and then edit in Photoshop a 6 scene deal.

So let’s say you are doing it like I do for convienence sake.

You schedule your first clip to post. I typically will do this after 3P for the day, eastern standard. That is when I find sales spike because people are coming home and ready to jerk off. So let’s say I do 5P for the full length. I will then go into my secondary store and schedule Part 1 for 7P, Part 2 for 9 P, and so on. This way I “pop” on the main page of the site for those times, and also to the top of the list for updated stores. Getting multipe bites at the apple.

I will also manipulate the catagories discussed in the last guide. So let’s say on the FULL LENGTH I will use FOOT WORSHIP, but on the secondary clips I might use FOOT FETISH. This allows me to “pop” on multiple search catagories. When I do re-run stores, I may pick a differnt catagory for each piece. So if there are three pieces, I might pick TICKLING/FOOT/LESBIAN or some variant.

Sometimes these little things will expose you to an audience you normally would not get, and will boost up your sales. Until you know how to market, and drive some additional traffic to your store. You need to do these little tricks to drive the BUYING c4s, or whatever, traffic to your store. If you only posted on full length clip. You get ONE bite at the apple for your one catagory, and your one time slot for the day.

Doing it MY WAY you get multiple catagories, and days to “pop” to the top during peak business or traffic hours. You see the advantage ;).


Whenever you do an update, even if you only have 10 email subscribers you should send out a newsletter. For everyone who buys your clips, they are automatically put on your mailing list for the clip store unless they manually remove themselves, or uncheck the box.

Newsletters, over time and especially when you have more sites to promote, are invaluable. When you send them out you will drive a traffic spike to your site. When you launch pay sites, promotions, or other things over time. They will keep your buying public, and patrons in the loop and also allow them to communicate with you.

One thing I do not like is that the newsletters are all split up. Myself I am working on a centralized list I can put on ALL of my sites and stores and that will help me long term keep the same customer base moving with me no matter what sites I open, close, sell off. Over time the lists get to be quite large and really become a valuable asset.

Do not concern yourself with those who complaint about not wanting to be on them. They have a link at the bottom of the e-mail for them to remove themselves, or you can do in manually. This is about business. They are buying your goodies, and you have to keep them in the loop. Even the best stores are not going to keep people searching for them, and when they update. YOU need to do that, and keep tempting them with new girls and content.

I always include a link to the 6 screen shot picture of the new scene. Plus the description. I also include brief descriptions to my other sites ,and direct links as well as promotions. I include where they can send me e-mail and ideas, and it really take some time and tinkering to get something that works. I send out 75% of the newsletter over and over again just switching out the new update. So that I get as many bites at a sale as possible.


Doing the pop top game will get you some traffic directly from Clips4Sale and their main page. These people are COMING to buy. So they are the best customers and traffic to have. Over time, you will need to drive some other traffic to your store until you have a pay site, or centralized network or hub to drive your volume to.

You can drive traffic to your site through a number of different things. We will cover some of it more in detail in the traffic chapters, so I will briefly touch on them now.

TGP Submits
Image Hosting
Fan/Forum Sig Links
YouTube/Tube Sites
Link Exchanges
Yahoo Groups
SEO Blogs
Mini Fan Sites
Link Bait Network

Hopefully seeing these different pieces of the puzzle are now starting to give you some ideas. From the way you shoot ties into the way you cut clips, to the way you promote, to the way you schedule, and getting the maximium out of your efforts the first time. This will save your time and frustation over the long run, and make the most off of your efforts. No one wants to be working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am basically taking my school of hard knocks, and years of trial and error to show you the most effiencent way to do things which in the end will make you more profitable.

Building Adult Traffic. A Nugget of Wisdom 4 Ye.

I figured this would be of use to some of the adult folk who congregate in this forum, since many in the others think we are taboo.

1. Make one main super site or use a domain.
2. Sign up to sponsors that cater to a niche you understand and enjoy personally.
3. Sign up for Chameleon Submitter (or other submit programs). $24.95 mo.
4. Make new galleries out of the sponsor content provided. Do not use their pre-made. Everyone else is already doing that, and you will not get listed.
5. Submit using Chameleon. Link back to your main super site. Do this 7 days a week to start, eventually maybe back down to 4-5.
6. Arrange all your gal submits on that super site.

Yes. It will take time. So you may want to do 15-30 in advance before submitting to fill up your site. Although you can always mix in some sponsor galleries with your referral code if you like. Keep adding in more of your own daily. Even if only one or two. You drive traffic to your TGP or super site to gain traffic and book markers. Plus hopefully make some conversions.

Organize the submits by niche, sections. Over time you will have a nice super archive of stuff, plus traffic and bookmarkers.

Now that you have a hub, or main traffic stream,.. from there, launch new sites.

The main thing that you NEED TO DO to make it online (IMHO) is you need one site to launch from. For me, it was the celebrity site. Which is why I love the celebrity nice. Steady money, and traffic. I spun off every other site from that one by links, newsletter, and so on. Even if not adult, or foot related.

Having 200 small sites with sh&& traffic are not going to get you making money. I know that we’ve all thought that, but what you need is one, solid, launch pad site that either has… visitors… or makes money. Obviously, you’d prefer both.

What I did personally was try the various sites, and those I could make money on, I kept. Those that did not make me any real money, traffic, whatever I sold off. I’ve done that same thing over the years time and again. I may try a new niche, or market. Demo things, see if I can make money and how much. But then I sell it off, and keep those that do. Kinda like leap frogging.

One more thing, to make it online, adult or otherwise, since many do not have money to get rolling, buy super sites, or burn on traffic…. you are simply going to have to invest TIME. If you can’t invest time, then you are going to fail, so you had might as well get on to failing right now.

Submitting galleries, link lists, and link building is a pain. Everyone hates it. Yes, everyone would like a short cut. But to ‘cut’ in this case, you need green (aka cash money). Many I’ve talked to, and helped have NO GREEN. Some are willing to do what it takes. Others keep talking about ‘short cuts’, and buying traffic, etc. But it’s no surprise they fail.

Again, in IMHO, I would say that if you are just starting out in adult and have no ‘hub site’. You should be investing 1-2 hours a day minimum building links, traffic trades, submitting galleries, free sites, and linking them up back to you. It will take you 3-6 months to see any real progress. Around the 9-12 month, if you are doing this every day, you should start to see some results and cash in. DO NOT GET LAZY. Keep going!

Eventually you will be able to leap frog to buy established sites, build your own, try different niches, and networks. But make sure you maintain your main “hub site”. The one you launch from. Keep the traffic, UV, sales, whatever strong.

Sell off those things that do not work. You will find over time some sites you like working on, but they take more time, and generate you less money then other sites. Unless it’s of personal interest to you. Sell it off.

I get a lot of PM, and ICQ from the board asking me to look at their sites, and give them pointers, and help. Some I have even talked to on the phone. Keep in mind however, a few tips and a few minutes are all I generally give. If you need more detailed help, run a search on here for my consulting help thread.

Yes. There are steps that I am leaving out. Yes, there are many variations to the above on ways to do things. But I am give giving you a few pointers.