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VideoCharge Tutorial: Segmenting Video for Clip Store Use


When you are working a clip store for maximum exposure, you want your clip ‘popping’ through out the day. You may only update with one clip per day, but you want to make the most of your one clip. All clips must be at minimum 2 minutes per segment.

I mention this because some clips are going to be able to only get cut into two pieces, others you can cut into more. It is important to maxmimize each clip to it’s fullest when you can. So first step for you would be to sort clips by time. If they are 6 minutes, you can cut three times. If 5 or less, you cut twice and so on. This is important as we get to the next step.

1. Open VideoCharge.
2. Box pops up. Check should be at the middle of three choices. Hit ‘Ok’.
3. New menu. Scroll down to ‘Split Video..”. Next.
4. Open up your folder where you have your watermarked full length clips.
5. Pick one of them that has been watermarked and compressed.

Step 5: You can pick multiple or a whole folder of clips to do at once in VC. You do this using your CNTRL key and highlight all the clips you want to do at once. However, for simplicity sake, we are going to do one at a time.

6. Next. Through Common Directory.
7. Select Outut. You want to pick, “Without Re-compression (fast). Next.
8. Destination Folder. Put in the D:/whateverpath to where you the cut clips going. Next.

Step 8: I typically make a folder for Cut Clips to go into seperate from the main. Same as I make a folder for Watermarked to go in that is different from the original version. This keeps finished product seperate and folders clean. However, you can do whatever you like. If you pick nothing, the files will dump in same folder as original full length clip you selected at Step 4.

9. Select Thumbnail. Select nothing. Next.
10. Select Tumbnail Size. Select Nothing. Next.
11. Set Thumbnail folder. Select Nothing. Next.
12. Set Video Paramethers. Check Third Option. Split files. 2 or 3 (based on time). Next.
13. Finish.

This will cut your full length clips in a few minutes (if doing a bunch of files) into segments for your clip store. You would then upload the full length, and the clip segments, into the clip store. This allows you to get a day of ‘pops’ or updates versus just one. You can also pick multiple catagories.

14. When clips are done processing, go to folder, delete thumbs. Upload finished to clips into your store.

VideoCharge Tutorial: Watermarking


This guide will service the purpose of providing a basic walk through on how to do processing and watermarking of your clips for use on a clip store. Some steps you may not like, or agree with, but this is how _I_ do it for my own stuff.

1. Launch VideoCharge (VC)
2. If a box pops open. Close it.
3. Over on the left there is a VideoFile1/ImageFile1. Delete that ImageFile.
4. Open up your folder on hard drive, or computer, where the videos are you want to process.
5. Drag ONE from the folder, into the main middle window of VC. You should now see it showing on the menu to the left.
6. Click on that file. It should now show up in the main window.
7. Click on the tab, in the middle window, named ‘Watermark”. Scroll to the bottom.
8. There is a text box icon, far left, above the video. Click that.
9. A dashed box now appears. Up in the top right, you see www.whatever which matches box.
10. Put your url in the box in that top right window. It should udpate in main window.

Below the top right window there are a series of choices. These are used to pick the color of your watermark, the transparency, the size and font, as well as the placement. I would recommend you pick an easy color already on the choice list and then you will not need to try and find over and over. Myself, I use one color for a site. So all videos will be blue, green, red for that one site. It probably does not matter, but that’s how I prefer to do it.

I will pick Veranda or Ariel, then blue, transparency 50%, font size 14, bold. You can do what you like in that regard and play with it some.

At the bottom, you will see Axis. It’s a 9 square box. You will click lower left, or right, where ever you want your watermark. I like lower right. It moves it to the farthest position lower right. I do not like it there myself. Again, this comes to preference, I will move it up a bit from there so there is a little space between the border and url.

Once I have the url where I like it. I will click below the main video window (in gray area) to see how it looks. If satisfied, I think hit the green play button toward the upper left.

For you, since you are learning, I would recommend you only do one video at a time until you get used to it. Myself, I will do 10-15 at once. But I know what I am doing, and since I will be encoding these overnight while I sleep. I really do not worry about it. But until you get the feel for what you are doing, you need to take it slow.

You want to make sure that you have your clips watermarked, even if you are only doing a clip store out of the gate and launching a pay site later. Most people are not going to remember where a clip came from. Especially when people are buying from multiple stores. So if you have an easy url on them, they can find their way back to you. If you do not watermark them, good luck. You lose branding, and potential customers long term.

Adult Business 303: Invaluable Descriptions


These tips and suggestions really apply to ALL sites in general. However, you are going to have some additional quirks and variations with each site and how is best to use these things to your advantage.

I would recommend you get an AdWords account if you do not have one already. Not only will this become invaluable over time for other projects, but it has some tools that are helpful for you with domain names, and SEO. Specifically, the keyword tool.

When you are writing descriptions, you have to think of the long term benefits literally. Some of the things you do today will effect you next month, three months from now and so on. Google will use these things for ranking your site and the search engine SERPS so it is best to do it right out of the gate. You will end up, or should, start a spreadsheet that has all the descriptions for your content.

For me, I have an excel spread sheet that shows clip name (ToeHee001_DV), description, models in scene, and so on. I had one of my assistants do it for me. It took her a couple of weeks to go through them all. This really is helpful when you go to launch a pay site later, or re-use clips for other clip stores. Then you can just cut and paste.

Getting back to what I was saying about keywords in your descriptions. You want to make sure when you are writing out your descriptions, each one is written out like you are trying to entice members to whip it out and go to work off your description. That includes using good keywords for your niche. If you do not know the niche, research it.

I know what they are for mine, and I will use them not only in my descriptions for each scene and try and mention them, or different ways (foot worship, toe sucking, foot licking, etc..) I will use them in blogs, youtube, and other things as well. I will make sure that over time I start ranking for those keywords.

If you are in a niche you do not know go to Google. Start researching some of the better sites in a niche. Use “View Source” and view their meta tags. Go back to your Google Adwords and type those phrases and keywords in to see how many searches they get per month. Over time, you start narrowing in on key words and phrases that are the ‘hot ones’ for your niche. You want to try and work those ‘hot words’ into your description when you can. Do not force it. If you are writing out quality descriptions, you will get them in over time.

Remember, when you are doing keywords and descriptions. These are long tail SEO and SERP tactics that will help you with algorhythms later. The number of times they keywords and phrases repeat on your website, in your descritpions, in your title tags, and so on.

They are not going to work SERPS by themselve, but they will give you a good solid first step.

Adult Business 302: Clip Stores, Maximizing Exposure


Clip stores, and how you do the updates and get the traffic has changed over the years. Some of the store providers have had to change things because of the manipulations some people would do that have a very limited content supply, but were trying to capitalize or “game” the system. I will not get into those safe guards at this point, and their work around. I am going to cover the best way to maximize your content initially through your updates.

First thing to remember is to watermark. I covered this in detail the rationale behind it in my domains guide, and you can see why this is important. Not only on the domain piece, but long and short term traffic management. The next step is how to do your updates, and make the most of them. I am going to talk in this guide about you as a new content producer, or provider, and how you would be posting up your NEW or 1st release clips to the public. I do it a bit different when I am re-running content, or working the traffic and pay site angle. But we’ll get into that a bit later.


What you want to do first would be to open TWO clip stores. One will be for your FULL LENGTH clips that you are releasing, and the other would be for the cut up clips. You do not need to do anything fancy with the name of the store. You can use this opportunity to test out another good keyword domain name type. For example, I may have something like this for my first store…


and then for the sectional, or second store,


This gives me two ways to market the clips. One being my main “brand” as it were, and the other using keywords and a more ‘titillating’ type of title to catch some additional eyeballs. If you had some secondary domains in mind, or your niche is broken into some sub niches. This may be a good way to try them out. You can always change them later if you like. Also keep in mind, you can do the same thing with the domain pointer later.

Alright, so now you have your two stores set up. The first one will be where you are going to post your 1st release full length clips. This is what most people are going to associate with you. So you will use this as your main newsletter, and also to push your pay site when you launch it later. In my case personally, the Barefootsies was my main flagship clip store and site.

Do not worry about people being able to find your secondary stores. They have a drop down on the main page of your store, and you can always prompt people via your newsletter, and banners or links later if you feel it is that important.


Most of my clips ‘average’ around 9 minutes. Some are going to be longer, some shorter, but overall I am really looking at 9 minute clips for the most part. I shoot my video, and run my shoots this way specifically because I am going to cut my clips this way. Which is why planning HOW you do your shoots, or scenes, really becomes important down the line and takes planning. I also shoot in a way I do not have to do a lot of editing. But that is another discussion.

I typically will do my full length clip, and then I cut the video into three sections. So we’ll say that each of the smaller clips are 3 minutes each for example. I will post those smaller clips on the secondary store.

In the past, I would process my videos in Adobe Premiere, but have since moved to Sorenson Squeeze. I still think Adobe is better quality, but Sorenson allows you to do many things so much faster and in bulk. I do this more on the re-run content then 1st release so I can process 12 clips at once overnight. Versus one at a time. I process the FULL LENGTH in Sorenson, then I watermark them in VideoCharge and then I also cut them in VideoCharge. One thing I love about this process is that it can cut the clips without re-rendering. Making it super fast. But that is more a chapter we will cover on processing, how’s, why’s and what is better. Let’s stick to how you manage the clip store.


Some people will use multiple formats to get extra “bites at the apple”. It realy is just a way to game the system more than anything. If you are offering it in WMV, you really do not need to offer a Quicktime, AVI, or other versions. I personally feel it clouds or muddies up the main page of your store and buyers catch on that out of the 20 clips per page. Really you only have 7. The rest are repeats.

You can actually do this very simple in Sorenson to process in multple formats, and dimensions if you wanted to. So each clip can be processed in many different ways, or one, depending on your preference for it. Obviously, each new complexity will add to processing time for your clips.

There are ways, using the numbering system, to get the ‘pop’ without muddying up the page. But that is something that can be covered if this is something of interest to you. I personally do not like this method myself. Same as people releasing a 320x version, and then a 640x and a 1200x and so on. It simply muddies the water over time. However, those with limited content seem to like doing this method and filling up their store playing this game.

I do not think it nessesarily drives sales to the store, but it can be useful for driving traffic to your pay site and working that angle. But that is another topic for when you get into re-running content, and using a clip store as a traffic source more than pushing sales and working feedback on prefecting your craft.


So now you are going to upload your clips. You upload your full length to your full length store, and your pieces to the second store. Also you upload your preview image if you plan on doing one yourself, like I do. Or you can use the one they provide. I do not like it. But that is your call. I personally will make screen shots with the FrameShots (discussed in other guide) and then edit in Photoshop a 6 scene deal.

So let’s say you are doing it like I do for convienence sake.

You schedule your first clip to post. I typically will do this after 3P for the day, eastern standard. That is when I find sales spike because people are coming home and ready to jerk off. So let’s say I do 5P for the full length. I will then go into my secondary store and schedule Part 1 for 7P, Part 2 for 9 P, and so on. This way I “pop” on the main page of the site for those times, and also to the top of the list for updated stores. Getting multipe bites at the apple.

I will also manipulate the catagories discussed in the last guide. So let’s say on the FULL LENGTH I will use FOOT WORSHIP, but on the secondary clips I might use FOOT FETISH. This allows me to “pop” on multiple search catagories. When I do re-run stores, I may pick a differnt catagory for each piece. So if there are three pieces, I might pick TICKLING/FOOT/LESBIAN or some variant.

Sometimes these little things will expose you to an audience you normally would not get, and will boost up your sales. Until you know how to market, and drive some additional traffic to your store. You need to do these little tricks to drive the BUYING c4s, or whatever, traffic to your store. If you only posted on full length clip. You get ONE bite at the apple for your one catagory, and your one time slot for the day.

Doing it MY WAY you get multiple catagories, and days to “pop” to the top during peak business or traffic hours. You see the advantage ;).


Whenever you do an update, even if you only have 10 email subscribers you should send out a newsletter. For everyone who buys your clips, they are automatically put on your mailing list for the clip store unless they manually remove themselves, or uncheck the box.

Newsletters, over time and especially when you have more sites to promote, are invaluable. When you send them out you will drive a traffic spike to your site. When you launch pay sites, promotions, or other things over time. They will keep your buying public, and patrons in the loop and also allow them to communicate with you.

One thing I do not like is that the newsletters are all split up. Myself I am working on a centralized list I can put on ALL of my sites and stores and that will help me long term keep the same customer base moving with me no matter what sites I open, close, sell off. Over time the lists get to be quite large and really become a valuable asset.

Do not concern yourself with those who complaint about not wanting to be on them. They have a link at the bottom of the e-mail for them to remove themselves, or you can do in manually. This is about business. They are buying your goodies, and you have to keep them in the loop. Even the best stores are not going to keep people searching for them, and when they update. YOU need to do that, and keep tempting them with new girls and content.

I always include a link to the 6 screen shot picture of the new scene. Plus the description. I also include brief descriptions to my other sites ,and direct links as well as promotions. I include where they can send me e-mail and ideas, and it really take some time and tinkering to get something that works. I send out 75% of the newsletter over and over again just switching out the new update. So that I get as many bites at a sale as possible.


Doing the pop top game will get you some traffic directly from Clips4Sale and their main page. These people are COMING to buy. So they are the best customers and traffic to have. Over time, you will need to drive some other traffic to your store until you have a pay site, or centralized network or hub to drive your volume to.

You can drive traffic to your site through a number of different things. We will cover some of it more in detail in the traffic chapters, so I will briefly touch on them now.

TGP Submits
Image Hosting
Fan/Forum Sig Links
YouTube/Tube Sites
Link Exchanges
Yahoo Groups
SEO Blogs
Mini Fan Sites
Link Bait Network

Hopefully seeing these different pieces of the puzzle are now starting to give you some ideas. From the way you shoot ties into the way you cut clips, to the way you promote, to the way you schedule, and getting the maximium out of your efforts the first time. This will save your time and frustation over the long run, and make the most off of your efforts. No one wants to be working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am basically taking my school of hard knocks, and years of trial and error to show you the most effiencent way to do things which in the end will make you more profitable.

Adult Business 301: Clip Stores, The Set Up


This is probably going to be one of the most in demand, and purchased modules in my package. I field endless questions on clip stores almost every month, and definitely at every adult industry conference I go to. I probably should do a Sin2.0 Interview on that subject on of these days to help out many people. That said, let’s get to work.

First things first… I typically spend 95% of my time on CLIPS4SALE stores. They are the most profitable for my niche, and myself, and over time simply have worked best for me. If you do a more mainstream or hardcore niche. I hear some of the others are better for sales. That is something you can find out yourself over time. I am going to cover C4S store and my experience. Although this method has worked on some of the others.

Here are the list of other clip store providers out there.

Those are the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of others that slip my mind, probably with good reason. You are more than welcome to update your clips to ALL of them, as it would probably be advantageous to branding and getting some more links to your sites. However, for me personally, I am at a point where I can be a little more picky and choosy with my time since I can work SEO and SERPS.

It is important for you to keep in mind, typically you are going to be doing a start up on something like this and really should be taking advantage of every opportunity you have. Whether working ALL clip stores, or whatever it may be. You need to put in the work to get started, and most of it really does not take that much time. You can do uploads while you sleep, or at your main 9-5 job. The descriptions and update piece takes you a few minutes of actual work time.

Alright, that said, we are moving on. When setting up a CLIPS4SALE store, I actually prefer the old admin area. It is much simpler for me to do my set up in. I can simply do it much faster than in the new. I also do not use most of the new tools they have rolled out in their new admin. It is not to say I have not tried them. I simply did not like them, and it did not make a difference in sales for me. So I stopped using them.


A Clip Store for any of the providers does not cost you money to set up. It is free. They provide you the web based administration, and handle the billing for you. The percentages they take will vary. C4S will do a 60/40 split as well FetishVideos. However, some of the others are going to be eihter 50/50 or less. Some people look at this as simply extra money or “money left on the table” so even if you only get 25% that is something. I personally do not think this way, and prefer to make the most money off of my goodies.

OLD ADMIN (preferred by me, but new admin is very similar)

First thing you need to do is EDIT PROFILE. This is where you are going to be entering in your 2257 or business address (covered in the first guide) and your business banking information. You will also decide if you want a CHECK, or WIRE and the dollar amount. In the new administration, you can also opt for an ACH payment as well.

One important note in regards to the administration set up. As you open up more stores in the future, you will want them all linked. Not just on the main page, but your payout for one combined payout. You MUST make sure that all of your information matches in the admin or PROFILE. Otherwise, you will get multiple payments, and could be charged the $15 wire fee multiple times for example. Or not paid on a store if you do not meet the minimum payout.


This is the next step you will do. This is where you are going to pick the colors for your store, and include any HTML, keywords, and top or bottom banners.

If you are planning to do a pay site later, or this is your one and only site, you will want to use the domain name (covered in previous chapter). If you are doing some re-run stores for traffic manipulations, then you would want to pick a more creative name to target those customers.

In the grand scheme of things, not all that important. It only will show up on one area of the site. However, you still should fill it in with a decent description for those to see.

For the keywords, I honestly do not think that is makes that big a difference in the overall scheme of things. I have not found anything on search engines because of them, nor have I seen it help you short or long term. What DOES make a difference in the catagories you pick. Not only on the initial set up, but when you post a clip. You CAN post in catagories that your store is not in. For example, I can opt to post a clip in LESBIAN even thought my clips are essentially G/G fully clothed foot worship, or tickling. There is nothing to prevent you from doing that. Although it may not be advantagous if you have a limited clip supply.

That is your own flavor. I typically prefer to use more popular or common colors. Blue background with yellow links, and red for visited. But you can get as creative as you like on whatever you pick. To preview your store as you are going along…. right click home, open in another window, and them click on the store link on the right hand side about half the way down the page. Then you can hit refresh as you are playing with color schemes and see what it looks like.

This is where you are going to be putting in any banners to your main pay site, other sites or stores, links to your email or DVD store. Basically things that you want to have on the top or bottom or your store. Some people get absolutely insane with this stuff. For me, I prefer to have my stores looking nice and clean. I have a handful of banners to other main sites I want to promote, and maybe an e-mail link for people to send me ideas, and suggestions for content.

How you prefer to do that is up to you.

This is where you are going to pick your main store’s catagory or niche. This is important on WHERE you come up in the search results if someone should search only for stores in a particular niche. However, with the new search function C4S has installed in the past 6 months (from time of this guide) that really is minimized on the main page, and results are more defined by how you set up the individual clip catagories when posting.

That said, you would still want to research which is the most popular. For example, I would pick FOOT WORSHIP or TICKLING for my stores. Although there are a TON of other main niches to choose from. FOOT FETISH, TIED TICKLING, STOCKING, and so on. I want the biggest audience, and while my material could fit into some of those subniches, and die hard buyers. I am looking for the most bites at the apple.

It someone is looking in FOOT FETISH or FOOT WORSHIP. They are going to look there FIRST before going into the sub niches. If they already have dick in hand and ready to buy. The odds of them making it into the sub niches are going to be a long shot. They will probably find something to fill their need before they get to that micro niche.

I sort my clips by a display order number. Which I can more easily manipulate them a post date. All clip stores start at 5000. So the first clip would be 4999, next 4998, and so on. You can always move a top selling clip back to the front page, or pull old clips to add variety if you need to. Which is why I prefer to do it this way. You should use that sparingly, but it is more important when you are just getting started as a crutch then it would be to me at my stage. It still is useful though.

You also would want to check the ASCENDING box. So the lowest number, which is the newest clip, would be at the top of your store when you do your update.

Ok. Now your new store is set up and ready to go. At least for the basics needed. You can always log into the new admin, and screw around with the other tools and offerings later. I personally do not find most of them advantagous, but that’s me. I am going to cover adding in clips, and the importants of descriptions among other things in the next guide(s) because there are some fundamental basics that you need to pay attention to that will ultimately effect your SEO and SERPS long term down the road.

You need to understand the how’s and why’s of the things you do. Short and long term as these things will ultimately play into your success or failure.

Adult Business 201: Domain Names, Tips & Tricks

Domain Names:

Everyone seems to have a different way and method to their domain names and how the pick them. Some of them appear to be insane to me and based on no information of logic. Just a gut feeling if you will a hope and a prayer. Or because it sounds catchy. That’s nice and all, and maybe if you were planning some new big budget concept site that has deep pockets for marketing that would be brilliant. However, most of us are looking to get the most bang for the buck, and looking to zero in on good keywords and SERPS (search engine result position). More a less some short cuts to hoping up the results, especially if in a very competitive niche.

I am not going to get into all of the SEO and SERP stuff in this guide, I am simply going to give you some basics to help you pick a good domain name for your site, or store, that will zero in on the quality converting traffic you want to attract to your site.

Alright, first things first. Remember in that earlier guide where I had you do the research on your comptetiion and thier sites. You are going to reference some of those sites. I am guessing when you did your research, you may have used a search engine to see who ranked the highest for the sites you are looking for. That’s great, but those are not always the best. You may have used the underground link list that is more recognized, especially in the micro, and specialized fetishes and niches. Those are pure gold for good sites. However, they are not always run by the ‘corporate adult’ types. Those who know how to do everything required.

Getting back on track.. I do not know every niche out there. That is why I had you do your own research on your market. It gets you some ideas on WHO the competition is, and the how’s and why’s that have made them successful. Now we are going to take that a step further for those who are successful, or perceived that way, and getting good SERPS in the search engines. So I want you to first go to GOOGLE and start typing in whatever works for your fetish. For me, I would type in celebrity feet, or foot fetish, or tickling. I would then see who is coming up with the best SERPS, and “in theory” the best sites. Although that is not always the case.

Now I want you to go to the number one site showing up. Open it up in a new browser window. I want you to then slide your mouse over to the far right, or left, where there are no graphics, no text, and should be in a margin of the site. I want you to then right click on your mouse and scroll down to “VIEW PAGE SOURCE”. I want you to look at their code, and specifically you are trying to find the following…

Adult Business 104: Software & Applications


I currently use the following software…

Adobe Premiere. I use this to pull the video from camera, and used to use it to process my clips. This is simply too slow for me since I now process many clips at a time, but would be good for you since you do not have volume. You can pull the clip from your camera via FIREWIRE and then cut, watermark, and process the clip all in one program. You do not have the multiple options for encoding, WMV, QTM, and so on which is helpful for later use. But it is a good program for your initial needs. I still use it for pulling the video myself. However, I then use other programs to make things much faster. I also use this program in the first step to render a DVD.

Sorenson Squeeze.
I use this program to import my videos, and compress them. It gives you the option to process many clips in a que, which I love, so I can load it up and go to bed. You also have the option to easily process the clip into other formats if you like. Which is helpful for limited content library and clip store use. It has a lot of other features I do not use, but it is a very robust program.

I use this program for watermarking. Since I do many clips at once now via Sorenson. I also use this program to cut up processed clips. This is done in a few seconds and wastes little time. Which is nice. When you do this in Premiere, you have to wait for it to re-render. Again, not a big issue for you since you are starting out, but it is a hassle when you are trying to rerun 20 clips on stores and sites at once.

This little gem is awesome for video captures. You need vidcaps for your clip store, or I would recommend it, as I have found out that is converts best for me. You do not want to have to manually go through frame by frame trying to grab 6 shots from a clip. This program you can load up the clip, and set it to pull 10/50/100 whatever snaps, and then you just roll though them and pick 6. It does a nice job, and makes it much easier.

CuteFTP Pro
I use this program for my uploading of clips. I am not sure what all else is out there anymore since I have never had an issue with this program. I just update it so often as they add in new features. It does well for your uploading of clips, whether to site or clip stores. I do not like to use web browser uploaders. In fact, I can’t fucking stand them.

Adobe PhotoShop
I use this program for piecing together my 6 shots for the clip store. You do not need anything this fancy for this simplistic use. I am not sure what all else is on the market, but a simply editor should do the trick and there may even be a free one for this minimalistic need. I also use it to crop, and clean up, the raw images from shoots so I have it for TGP submissions and such down the road. TGP submissions are how you get a lot of links, and some traffic. It is really becoming more important for SEO purposes then it is for traffic generation now a days.

A special note for those of you who are college students. You can get a discount on a lot of software by faxing them a copy of your college I.D.. Sometimes it is as much as 50-70% off!! So it is worth your while to check into it. Especially if you have a college I.D. to fax in for those more expensive programs.

Adult Business 103: Camera Equipment & Lighting


Alright, so my buddy recommended the following.

You could probably escape with a $500.00 consumer camcorder like I did for years. But this is a middle of the road recommendation from him, and what I am looking at for myself. So you can opt to go a consumer camera route to minimize your start up expenses. But just giving you both options.

For lightign I like fluorescents with dayalight balanced bulbs. They throw a beautiful soft light and also very important they throw little heat into the room, so you and teh models don’t sweat so much.You need two lights, with stands, ballasts, cables etc. Kits have all but bulbs which you must buy separate.

They have several similar kits and a few different series oif lights but this one is very good.

You want the 5500 degree bulbs to go with it. Those are daylight.

Unlike mine, you can dim these with a dimmer switch. And it has a travel case. I believe they come with smallish stands so they are easy to set up in a small bedroom or living room.These will last you for years, well worth the investment

I haven’t even changed the bulbs in my bigger Kinos and I have been giving them heavy location use for almost five years now!

Adult Business 102: Developing a Business Plan

Developing a Successful Plan of Attack

Alright, so by now you should have what will be your corporate address and business name in place (covered in the last guide). You can function as a DBA for now, but you should have the wheel’s in motion for your LLC. It is important you talk to your lawyer and make sure your LLC name of choice is available. After all, you do not want a DBA by one name, and LLC by another and screwing up your tax docs, and checks, business cards etc. For those who do not have lawyers, call one with free consultation and ask.

Alright, so the next step you need to think about are the niches you are planning to do.

What I have found personally is that most people who contact me what to do like 3-5 right out of the gate. Irregardless of their start up budget. This is a mistake. You need to pick ONE that you think will be the flagship, or foundation to build on. Something that is your best foot forward. Personally, from experience, I would recommend you pick whatever you are most passionate about. You are going to have to look at this stuff all day long. So you had better like looking at it. Ultimately your passion for your material will be what shows through to the end user and will make or break you.

If you are into various niches, you may want to look at Clips4Sale and what is on their main pages. Out of some 50,000+ stores, you will find what people are buying on mass. This does not mean they are the ONLY one’s being successful. But you can see some idea on what those stores are doing, how they are shooting, their quality, how often they are updating, etc..

Research is key to your success. Whether you are going to be doing wrestling, tickling, skeezers bouncing on a ball or smoking. There is always a method to the madness. Just shooting from the hip is only going to get you so far. You need to look at your competition and what they are doing, and take the best pieces of 2/5/10 sites that appeal to you and make it your own.

I also have found it VERY useful to go find some blogs, groups, forums that appeal to your target niche. Read the feedback, ask questions. You do not have to post that you are big shot producer, or that you are trying to shoot something at first. Basically post up general quetions or statements on what you like to see. Or how one site is better than another and play some Devil’s Advocate. This should give you much better information to base business decisions on before you are spending thousands of dollars.

Research, research, research.

You need to know who your target audience is in the niche of choice. What are the top sites they are hanging out on. Who is your competition. You should have a notepad out and jotting down elements of their content you like, and do not like. Ultimately you are going to be making your decisions on HOW you shoot your material based on this infomation!

There is nothing more frustrating then spending $XXX or $XXXX on some photo session, and then when you get into the editting kicking yourself for missing shots, or how you did this or that. You have one shot at getting it right. Some models will only work for you ONE TIME and it is a major fucking pisser when you miss key shots and elements at your one shot deal.

So what you should have, or be working on after reading this is….

1. Picking your niche
2. Research your competition.

Including top sites, their forums, and how their clips are done. Lighting, location, qualtiy of girls, length of clips, props or things going on in the clips you will need to buy, or set up, etc.

You should start working out a how, and why, justification in your business plan.

Adult Business 101: Establishing Your Business


While some of these may seem remedial emails, they are all covering essential things I have learned myself from experience. I would recommend you copy the e-mails into notepad, and a folder on your computer or hard drive so you have them to reference later down the road.

Alright. First things first.

If you have an office you are planning to run your porn empire out of, and want it listed on your business address and business cards great! If not, you need to go to Mailboxes Etc or one of those places to get one set up. What I personally would recommend, and how I do it is, get yourself a DBA ($25) first. Go into the Mailbox place, and get all the info. Once you decide that is where you will have your box, pick up one of their business cards with the mailing address. That way you can use it on your DBA. A DBA you typcially get from the county courthoue and it runs around $25.00. Although that could vary.

While I recommend a LLC for your adult company, even when dealing with celebrities, you can get some of your stuff set up with just a DBA paperwork. It does not give you the protection you ultimately need in the long term growth of your business. But it will allow for docs, and getting bank accounts, and whatever.

Next, what you need to do to protect yourself and your business is set up an LLC. I am sure you have done one before if you have been in business, but I am not going to make any assumptions as I run down the basics of what is needed on protecting yourself and getting going. They range anywhere from $300-500.00 typically, but they need to be set up correctly to make sure you have protection.

Once you have your LLC in place, you then need to go to the bank and set up a business checking account complete with credit/debit card. Also order your checks. After all, you will need to pay your models and keep an accurate record for taxes and business expenses.

While this seems like basic shit, it is really important when it comes to down the line getting your payment processor and other things in place where you have to fax docs to them for approval. So having all this done in advance saves you frustrations and grief of waiting or being a dead stick.

You may also want to think about applying for a Federal tax ID. You can do this yourself, or have a lawyer do it for you. Depending on your level of paranoia, this will prevent you from having to provide your SSN for adult sponsors, payment processors, and things of that nature in the near future. While I personally have never had an issue, knock on wood, you simply never know with how some of these companies operate and there have been well publicized hacks in the past. I can’t recall how much this costs, but it probably is money well spent.