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Finding Your First Web Host

When you are looking for web hosting for you adult, or any online business for that matter, you want to make sure that you do your research. By that I mean, not only on the company you’re planning to go with, but also in regard to your planning for actual needs.

I can tell you from experience both as a webmaster, and an owner of an ISP/web host that 90% of the people overpay for what their actual needs are. There are many reasons for this, but a lot simply purchase based on perceived value of a huge bandwidth pipe, storage, or bells and whistles. When you’re looking to find the best fit to keep your hosting within a starter budget, you want to start small and scale up from there. A lot of your “big plans” are going to take 10 times longer than you expected I can assure you. There is no need for a enterprise level dedicated when a robust VPS (virtual private server) will do. You can always upgrade.

With that being said, you need to think on what is important to you. A lot of ISP’s will use catch all phrases like ‘managed hosting’ but what does that actually entail? To some that does not mean they are going to help you trouble shoot your CMS script. They will tell you it is beyond their skills and bring in a developer, where as others will help you trouble shoot. Do you need managed? Most likely the answer is yes, but there are some folks who can do server side work themselves to save a few bucks. Historically I can tell you that if you do not know Linux, you had better get managed hosting as a few support tickets to a independent or outside network admin would wipe out any savings you thought you would get. However, a lot of this really comes down to knowing what you will need or not. Again, most of the time you can always upgrade or downgrade on management if the ISP offers it.

While I could write on this topic all morning, what you really need to think, plan, and ask are as follows

* How much bandwidth do I need?
* How much storage do I need?
* How am I going to manage my server? Do I need managed or unmanaged?
* How am I going to handle my back ups? RAID? Cloud Storage? Off site?
* How much processing power do I need?

Blogs, minimal. Video editing, decent amount. High traffic site, premium.

One more thing to keep in mind that a lot of people forget about, or that is not disclosed where they get burned is bandwidth projections. When you are moving your content from one web hosting company to the next, or you are uploading 100GB of content to build your empire, all of that will count for your traffic and bandwidth usages. It’s not all simply website traffic that counts, all of that moving and building will count as well.

Some ISP’s charge $5-10 Mb overage, so you want to make sure that you have this discussion and do the math on what you’re looking at on migration or uploads. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a huge bill you did not expect and that could crush your hopes and dreams. While a lot of this is common sense, I can assure you more times than not from my own experiences you are not told these things. It could be a poor salesman who simply doesn’t know, or simply “forgot”. However, it can be a costly lesson you will want to be aware of to avoid.